As an elderly person, I am always afraid to swallow pills, especially when alone because I am afraid that I am going to choke.

The Dynatabs® Support Aloe Vera Strips is an answer to my needs because it is effective, easy to take, and tastes good! Companies make capsules bigger and do not realize the choking hazzards they put the eldery through. Thank God, DYNATABS® came to our aid.


Doris – Memphis, AL, USA

As a mother of three, I need Energy that does not cause me a negative side effects or sudden crash. the Dynatabs® Energy Support is great!


Mary – Birmingham, UK

DYNATABS® Cravings Resist is a convenient product for me as a healthy replacement from snacking. When I am driving from appointment to apointment, I do not need to stop to snack. The Chocolate Mint flavor is delicious and do not feel deprived.


Roberto – Monterry, Mexico

I enjoy spicy foods but have acid reflux so my foof does not always agree with my stomach. Using Dynatabs® DIgestive Assist, I find it a fast relief,calming my stomach and enjoy its flavor. Since it is in a compact pack, I can easily keep it with me wherever a I go and is available to me when I need it.


Gorkhan – Istanbul, Turkey

I have been a heavy smoker and my co-workers are offended by my smoking smell and constant need to run outdoors to smoke reducing my work output. Instead of chewing gum or candy which is not proper in the office, taking Dynatabs® Smoking Craves Resist, I have cut smoking.


Boris – Moscow, Russia

Dynatabs® Libido strips is a great way to privatize my sexual requirements
I have used this product and absolutely swear by it. I am from Canada .


Carole – Canada

Dynatabs® Beauty from Within – I find its use beneficial
I appreciate the timely delivery of the DYNATABS® products and the assistance given by the customer service ambassadors in making DYNATABS a $UCCE$$ in our chain of stores
Dynadoo® Hair Gel Styling Strips works great, isnt sticky and convenient to style my hair on the go. I was able to take it aboard the airpolane with me and not lose my money every time they take it away at the airport causing me to spend my time and extra money buying standard gel at arrival. I like the light feel that Aoe Vera nourishes my hair.


Franco – Milan, Italy

The Serenity Home Spa Face Mask® really has that spa quality effect and the ocnvenience of not having to prepare my moisturizing regimen and then clean up afterwards and having to also wash towles and pillow cases. I always wanted a spa at home and now these products acheives that for me.


Patti – Los Angeles, CA, USA

Serenity Home Spa® Shaving Repair Wipes soothes my skin after shaving and repairs the damage of knics caused by the blade while it disinfects and stops small bleeding and scaring.