2006 CSP Retailers choice BEST new product finalist
Winner of 2008 Best of Brooklyn Award in the Manufacturers category
Dyna-Tabs are a convenient way to
maintain a healthy lifestyle and a
hectic schedule at the same time.

Dyna Tabs, LLC Receives 2008 Best of Brooklyn Award
September 23, 2008 - U.S. Local Business Association
Dyna Tabs, LLC has been selected for the 2008 Best of Brooklyn Award in the Manufacturers category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).

Alternative delivery forms hot
July 14, 2008 - Chain Drug Review
While most dietitians agree that vitamin supplementation is one of the best ways to ensure that a person gets enough essential nutrients, many people shy away from supplements because they have a hard time swallowing pills.

Highlighting a new use for strips
October 23, 2006 - Drug Store News
Dyna-Tabs, a maker of oral film strips for such conditions as digestive support, immune health and energy, now is entering the beauty segment with new hair-styling highlighting tabs. FULL ARTICLE

Dyna-Doo(tm) Introduces Nourishing Hair Styling Highlighting Tabs
October 05, 2006 - VendingMarketWatch News
Dyna-Doo(tm) is pleased to introduce Dyna-Doo(tm) Nourishing Hair Styling Highlighting Tabs in its popular strip format. It is made with Aloe Vera that is beneficial for maintaining healthy hair quality for those "On The Go"(tm). The product is available in vending and other retail channels. FULL ARTICLE

Dissolvable supplement strips in portable packs
June 10, 2006 - Packaging World
Dyna-Tabs, LLC plans to use convenient plastic packs of dissolvable strips to introduce more than 50 items that tap into wellness trends. Makers of nutraceuticals and over-the-counter cold and flu remedies are introducing pocket-sized packaged strips to deliver drugs and vitamins. One recent example of the growing popularity of the packaged strips comes from Brooklyn, NY-based Dyna-Tabs. FULL ARTICLE

Emerging Ingredients for Digestive Health
January 1, 2006 - Nutra Solutions
Single herbs in the digestive category can sometimes be found in new delivery forms, such as Dyna-Tabsô Aloe Vera Extract Digestive Support. Dyna-Tabs are flavored, come in a convenient portable dispenser, and are made with dissolving film technology so the capsules are smaller and easier to swallow. FULL ARTICLE

Itís a compact revolution
November 21, 2005 - Natural Products
Dyna-Tabs LLC, the manufacturer of ultra-thin, portable mints, has launched a fast-dissolving vitamin and dietary herbal supplement tab. First launched in the US, Dyna-Tabs offer an alternative method of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a hectic schedule. FULL ARTICLE